Founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark, The South Indian , is the first Scandinavian restaurant that specializes in the Chettinad food tradition of India. It is not only an established culinary brand with multiple restaurants but is also renowned for its robust flavors brought alive in simple elegance. It is the admiration of its patrons that made The South Indian spread its wings and open its flagship restaurants in Malmo, Sweden in 2018 followed by Stockholm, Sweden in 2019, Helsinki, Finland and Oslo, Norway in 2020. Our endeavor is rooted in the following values.


Our recipes have been passed down through generations and are true to the region they belong to. Our chefs have been specially brought in from India and are experienced in the Chettinad food tradition.


We have a zeal for ingredient quality, hygiene and service consistency across all our locations.


At the very core of our commitment lies a spirit of celebrating our guests, understanding their needs and serving them in the humblest way.


India is a country of diverse cooking techniques that fascinate the tongue in the most incredible way. The rich heritage of spice cultivation and trade makes the Chettinad region of India home to the most subtle and aromatic cuisine, that is no less than a delight for the senses. Whether you choose a sumptuous Dosa with flavored stuffing’s or a plain lighter one, we promise a hot and crispy treat, freshly off the pan. The essence of our curries are its time honored recipes passed on from the South Indian kitchens through the generations and recreated by our chefs specially brought in from India. With its extraordinary culinary experience and a most remarkable food quality , The South Indian promises you a new attitude to Indian food.

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